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In Real Life I work in an office and deal with the everyday. In Second Life I am an elf girl who DJs and plays indie music for you all. This blog is about all of those things, some more than others. Oh, yeah, my name in world is Stacia Reinoir. Say hi to me there. :)

I DJ in Second Life: Sundays 7pm SLT @ The Z&A Coffehouse and Wednesdays 6pm SLT @ [e bar]


Glass Animals - Gooey

***Chill song with a great beat which comes in around 0:30 into it…groove to it.


Flume & Chet Faker - Drop the Game [Official Music Video]

***This beat is instantly sick. Flume producing for Chet Faker was a great idea. They go together really well. Grimey, street, electro ….

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Arctic Monkeys,




Arctic Monkeys - Fluorescent Adolescent (Acoustic)

oh the boy’s a slag

why is acoustic everything so damn good

(via fscottfitzgerald)

I heard these guys at a DJ set tonight in Second Life. I need to check them out.

i don’t post a lot of pictures of myself in second life to this feed, but i thought that i would share a picture of this cool new hair that i got from nova monroe over at little bones…moon child, coming up at the fantasy gacha fair.

you can find more pics of the hair and my exploits in second life here:

You want some awesome? Here it is.