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In Real Life I work in an office and deal with the everyday. In Second Life I am an elf girl who DJs and plays indie music for you all. This blog is about all of those things, some more than others. Oh, yeah, my name in world is Stacia Reinoir. Say hi to me there. :)

I DJ in Second Life: Sundays 7pm SLT @ The Z&A Coffehouse and Wednesdays 9pm SLT @ [e bar]
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Come and hear me play at the 1st anniversary for one of the coolest places for women in Second Life.

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Best Coast

best coast goodbye

My highs are high, my lows are low

And I don’t know which way to go

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Interpol - Turn on the Bright Lights (Full Album)

Yo, Interpol makes me think of one person.


The National - I Need My Girl

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Kaiser Chiefs,
Playlist JDK#43 (March 2014)


Kaiser Chiefs - Coming Home

  • Playlist JDK#43 (March 2014)
  • Album : Education, Education, Education And War
  • Origin : Leeds (England)


Palms - Mission Sunset

Check out this short film by director Adam Mason, inspired by Palms song “Mission Sunset.”

Me and Wandy twerking during my set tonight.

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Circa Waves,
Playlist JDK#40 (December 2013)


  • Circa Waves - Good For Me
  • Playlist JDK#40 (December 2013)
  • Origin : Liverpool (England) 

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Modal Soul


Thank You - Nujabes

To all of my lovely followers;

Thank you for taking this journey of music, love, and philosophy with me. May you have a happy thanksgiving! May you fill your stomach with delicious food and your heart with gratitude. Here’s to you, my lovely followers. Because you warm my heart with every like, comment, and anonymous compliment. Thank you and have a great Thanksgiving!

"I thank you all for showing love to me. I appreciate this unique opportunity. I’m gonna rock so hard so you never stop supporting me. I’m gonna show you how music brings more meaning to life."